Braided Compression Packings

Braided Compression Packings for your business

Compression Packings

In order to keep your valves, pumps and other equipment operating efficiently with energy saving benefits and the minimum of fugitive emissions SSP is constantly developing it’s range of compression packings.

We have a wide range of packings made as a soft, pliant and resilient material to match the temperatures, pressures and speeds of your fluid handling systems and plant. Packings are available in Graphite, PTFE, Synthetic Fibres and Traditional Yarns.

Packing’s are available for many uses, in Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps, and for static duties including Furnaces and Tank lids and for use in Valve Stems. 

You can find the braided compression packings you are looking for with Specialist Sealing Products of Bingley, West Yorkshire
Braided Compression Packings
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