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Sealing products for demanding industries in Bradford and Leeds by SSP

Order Precision Gaskets and Joints in Leeds

If you’re in the market for precision gaskets and joints, Specialist Sealing Products (SSP) are the experts to turn to. We design and manufacture the highest quality seals with laser precision. If you’ve been looking for a state-of-the-art manufacturer with zero tolerance for error or guesswork, then your search is officially over. SSP is on the job. 

A Wide Range of Products Manufactured Near Bradford 

Our products do so much more than create an air- or water-tight seal. Take our spiral wound gaskets from Bradford as an example. These combine a solid metal ring with a non-metal component (often graphite), which wind and seal together with spring-like tension. 

They’re capable of maintaining a seal at both high and low temperatures – and they can be designed to deliver across a wide range of pressures. 
This is just one example of how intricately designed our seals are. From PTFE sheeting to Kammprofile seals, metal-clad to non-metallic – there’s a gasket or seal in our product range to suit every need and application. 

Sealing Products

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Welcome to Specialist Sealing Products, manufacturing and distribution of high quality Seals, Gaskets and ‘O’ Rings for a wide range of applications, worldwide.
Phone: 01535 274 776

Quality service

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SSP was established with the core principle of putting you first. We pride ourselves on exceeding your requirements while providing competitive pricing on all of our sealing products.

Wide range of industry

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From aerospace engineering to offshore oil rigs our sealing products are used in some of the most demanding industries in the world.

Contact us

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We offer you the highest levels of customer service, quality assurance, technical expertise and on-time delivery. Contact us today to place an order:
01535 274 776

We Serve the World’s Leading High-Tech Sectors 

We manufacture seals and metallic gaskets in Leeds that are put to use in some of modern science’s most demanding fields. Our industry experience is second to none, and you’ll find our gaskets and joints at work in any and all of these advanced sectors: 

  • Aerospace and defence projects 
  • Oil and gas refineries 
  • Petrochemical plants 
  • Breweries 

But you don’t have to represent a high-tech sector to benefit from our products. We also design and manufacture seals that are put to work in a wide range of more typical pump-and-valve setups. Our high-calibre gaskets are so affordable, that there’s simply no reason to settle for anything less than perfect.  

Contact SSP to Place an Order

At SSP, we bring technical expertise, quality assurance and a tireless work ethic to every task we complete. We believe that our products are more than the sum of their specifications and components. That’s why we strive to provide faultless customer service at every interaction with our clients. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact us through the website or by dialling 01535 274 776. 
Metallic & Non-Metallic Gaskets
Semi-Metallic and Spiral Wound Gaskets
Soft Cut Gaskets and Sheeting
Seal Jointing & Materials
Elastomeric Seals & ‘O’ Rings

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