Sealing Rings

Sealing rings for your business

Sealing Rings

SSP have an extensive range of Sealing Rings available in many forms and materials suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic sealing systems.

We offer Graphite Moulded Packing Rings made from expanded high purity graphite foil offering excellent emission control, the ability to operate at very high temperatures, pressures and speeds and the ability to withstand most process chemicals.

We supply Double and Single Acting Piston Seals, Rod Seals and Wipers, Bearing Rings, Backup Rings and Flange and ‘V’ Seals using specifically developed and modified P.T.F.E. compounds for use in many industries including Chemical and Process plant. 

Other specialist engineering plastics such as PEEK, UHMWPE, PA, PU and POM are available for the design and production of various machined products with sizes meeting European, American and Asian housing standards and specifications.

You can order the sealling rings you are looking for with Specialist Sealing Products.
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