Types of Flanges

Businesses in a variety of industries rely on flanges to join pipes or components together or to keep equipment secured to a surface. When it comes to choosing the best types of flange for your processes, you’ll want to take the time to research the different options...

Threaded Flange

Threaded flanges are probably the most recognisable of all flanges due to their screw thread design that is used to connect it to the pipe. Threaded flanges, also known as screwed flanges (for obvious reasons), require a male and female thread to create a connection...

Slip On Flange

A slip-on flange can also be known as a hubbed flange, which, as the name suggests, has a hub with a very low profile. Why is this important? Because this type of ring type joint gasket has an internal diameter larger than the connecting pipe, allowing you to slide it...

Weld Neck Flange

Also known as tapered hub flanges or high hub flanges, weld neck flanges are a specific type of gasket with a protruding ridge and long neck used to connect pipework and provide you with a high-quality seal. Weld neck flanges, in particular, are a popular choice when...

Nitrile vs Viton® – What is the Difference?

As you start to make a decision about what type of O-rings to purchase for your business, you might wonder what material is the most suitable for your unique needs. Every business operation has different requirements for their O-rings, such as the temperature,...

Aflas vs Viton

When it comes to choosing O ring suppliers in the UK, you’ll find that there are a wide range of materials on offer for you to choose from. Many people find that the options can seem quite overwhelming, with some materials having similar properties but offering...

EPDM Gasket

Both the automotive and construction industries have started to use EPDM gaskets more frequently in recent times. This rubber material is UV light resistant and has many fantastic properties that make this part highly effective for a wide range of processes. Keep...

Metal Gaskets

When comparing gaskets for use within your business processes, you’ll find that these can be made from a variety of materials. Metal gaskets are a very popular option, offering many advantages over other materials. When looking at sealing product options, make sure...

AFLAS o ring

O rings come in many different dimensions, thicknesses, and materials. And it is the various different materials that o rings can be manufactured from that make each o ring unique and suitable for specific applications. In fact, there are hundreds of different types...

O Ring Vulcanization Process

With years of o ring knowledge and experience in o ring vulcanization, we're one of the leading experts in providing the right sealing solution for you. To view our full range, visit our O-ring product page, with a wide selection and something to match every...

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How Can Custom Gaskets Save Businesses Time and Money?

How Can Custom Gaskets Save Businesses Time and MoneyWhile gaskets come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll find that custom gaskets offer you the opportunity to fully personalise this product to fit your needs. As a gasket manufacturer, we know the many benefits of using custom gaskets, which is why we encourage any company to consider this option in the future. SSP is here to support you with your gaskets and seals today, so never hesitate to get in contact with us to find out more about our range of products. Keep reading to learn more about how custom gaskets can save you both time and money and help to make your business operations more efficient moving forward.

Save Your Business Money with Custom Gaskets 

There are multiple reasons why buying custom gaskets in business can help your organisation. Firstly, you’ll find that you will no longer waste money buying gaskets and seals that don’t fit exactly the size you need for your operations. When you struggle to find the right size, you end up putting endless gaskets in the bin, which is just a huge waste of money for your company. On top of that, you’ll find that there is more chance of a leak or issue when you don’t have the right size gaskets. The clean-up costs associated with these issues can be extremely high, wasting your business precious money that you likely can’t afford to chuck down the drain.

While you may think that custom gaskets would be a huge expense to your business, you’ll be surprised by how affordable gasket manufacturers make this service. As we produce custom gaskets for so many companies, they aren’t as costly to create as you might imagine. The more custom gaskets you order, the lower the cost will be in the future. We’ll work with you to ensure that this solution is a cost-efficient one for your company and that you won’t end up spending more than you budgeted for when investing in this solution.

Stop Wasting Time with Custom Gaskets 

When your order of gaskets arrives and you start using them, you want this process to be as quick and simple as possible. As you find that your gaskets don’t fit properly or cause leaks, you may find that you become frustrated with the whole process. This is a huge waste of time for what should otherwise be a very simple task of unpacking your order of custom gaskets and using them straight away. This is why we love offering companies custom gaskets, as they help to make any operation as quick and simple as possible.

Custom gaskets are designed solely with your operations in mind. Our team will offer you a consultation if needed to discover what your current concerns are with gaskets and seals. From there, we’ll be happy to offer our top advice to ensure you are selecting the right gaskets for your business needs. Our team will be on hand at any point to guide you through this process. While you may think this would take a lot of time, you’ll be impressed by how quick and easy the process is from start to finish.

Custom gaskets don’t take us long to create, so in no time at all, you’ll have your order of your gaskets and seals with you. Our team can work with you to understand your current projects and deadlines and ensure that we help you to keep on track with your work. We know that many people often need custom gaskets in a rush, and we’ll be here to ensure you get them delivered to you as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask us if you do need your order delivered in a quicker time than you might think would be an option. We’ll be happy to work with you to ensure you receive them as quickly as we can to start experiencing the time-saving and money-saving benefits of custom gaskets.

There are so many ways in which custom gaskets can help your business to save time and money this year. The sooner you start switching over to custom gaskets, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy these benefits. Our team will be on hand at any point to answer your questions about the process of creating custom gaskets. No matter whether it’s your first time using this product or not, we’ll be happy to discuss the benefits you’ll notice when you start designing your own gaskets.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the gaskets and seals we offer. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution for your business operations and to ensure that you have the right tools to make your company even more successful over the upcoming months.

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