Oil Seal Types

We can't emphasise enough how important it is to choose the right oil seal to keep your application functioning, and functioning well. Not every oil seal is the same. Manufactured using various material elastomers and to suit a range of dimensions, seals are as unique...

Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals are the more formal name for this type of seal; however, we also know them as oil, grease, fluid, or dirt seals. Whatever you call them however, they all perform the same function – to close the space between stationary and moving parts in machinery...

Silicone O Rings

As a leading O ring UK manufacturer and supplier of high quality seals and gaskets, offering a wide range of types, sizes, and sealing solutions that suit various applications across all industries, we work hard to ensure you get the best sealing solution for your...

Viton O Rings

Viton o rings bring with them numerous advantages, especially for applications within high-tech and critical industries. Providing great resistance to wide fluctuations in temperature and chemical ranges as well as being wholly suitable for pressure applications,...

How are O Rings made?

O rings are one of the most common components within manufacturing. Suitable for a range of applications and found in numerous everyday appliances, o rings are a vital piece of equipment to provide the perfect sealing solution. Ring-shaped seals, o rings are made up...

Pipe Gasket

A pipe gasket is designed to seal a space between two sections of a pipe. Many pipes have flanged surfaces where they join, which means it isn’t smooth or flat to make this connection secure. In order to overcome this flared area, a flange gasket will be used to...

Spiral Wound Graphite Fill Gasket

With so many different gasket options on offer today, we know it can be difficult deciding which ones have the right features for your needs. Each type of gasket is suitable for a variety of applications or uses, and the material that your gasket is made from will...

Gasket Cutting

Using the latest technology and equipment, gasket cutting today offers incredible precision. Achieving customised gaskets that meet your sealing requirements, today we’re now seeing various gasket cutting techniques used as we move away from the standard dimensions...

What are Bonded Seals?

As you start to compare the seals on offer on our site, you’ll find that there are many different options for a variety of uses. Bonded seals are a great solution for some applications, offering many benefits over other types of seals. Specialist Sealing Products...

Rubber Gasket Material

Rubber gaskets are a very valuable solution for a variety of uses, however, you’ll want to make sure you always choose the right option for your unique business operations. There are a variety of rubber gasket materials on offer, which provide you with an effective...

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Medical Grade Seals

Medical Grade SealsWhen looking at your options for gaskets and seals, you’ll see that some products are marked as medical grade. These seals offer a range of extra benefits and features when compared to your typical seals, and they are required for many different types of processes. Today we’re going to discover everything you need to know about medical grade seals and gaskets. We offer a full range of products to suit everyone’s needs, so make sure you get in touch with our team if you are in the market for a new type of gasket or seal for your business.

What Are Medical Grade Seals Used For?

Medical grade seals are used for a wide range of purposes. They may be added to medical pumps, feeding devices, IV devices, and other lab equipment. On top of that, they are critical for storage and transportation systems, and can help to control temperatures within various processes. Every part of the medical industry relies on these devices at some point or another. The main aim of a medical grade seal is to protect the devices and people using these tools from injury or harm. Medical materials are often a hazard to the health, and you’ll find that you could also waste the liquid if it’s spilled. Both gases and liquids can be stored in this way, but you’ll need to ensure that you choose the right option for your medical needs.

The Production of Medical Device Seals

When medical device seals are produced, you’ll find that different criteria need to be met when compared to your typical O-rings and seals. Especially when working with products and companies from around the world, you’ll find that the standards are different for these types of seals. Make sure you are always checking out the way in which they are produced to ensure you meet the criteria for where you are based. Any medical grade seal will need to be sterilised first before use, so that you don’t harm the health of your patients or staff.

Many companies that produce medical seals do so in a cleanroom which is designed to keep contaminants out. This will guarantee that the sealing products you buy come from somewhere that’s clean and safe, so that there is less chance of contamination during this process. You’ll find that when you don’t work with a company that offers this guarantee, the chance of your medical devices being fully effective is reduced. The type of gas or liquid that you need to carry will also have a huge impact on the type of seals you buy, and seals for medical devices come in all shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

What Materials Are Medical Seals Made From?

A seal for medical use can be created from a range of materials based on your unique needs. There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing the material though, as you need to ensure it will protect what you are carrying and those who make contact with the container. Think about the temperature you will store the medical solutions in and the pressure at which they’ll be kept. You’ll also need to think about whether they’ll have any contact with other people and the motion that they may be put under when being transported.

One thing to keep in mind is that a good medical seal will be resistant to harsh or toxic chemicals. Most companies opt to use elastomers for this reason, which are very durable and are resistant to heat. They should also be good chemical resistors and have a low permeability when it comes to carrying gas. Think carefully though about any toxins that may be in the material. You don’t want to do your patients more harm than good when it comes to using a medical grade seal.

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right material and design for a medical grade seal. This isn’t something that you can get wrong or just use any type of seal for. When you choose a material that doesn’t offer all of the benefits and features we shared above, you’ll find that you only risk the safety of your patients and staff. Take time to carefully consider your options when it comes to medical seals, as these are a critical part of the transportation of many liquids and gases in this industry.

Are you looking to invest in new medical grade seals for your business? If so, our team will be on hand to advise you about the best solution for your unique needs. We’ll help to find seals and gaskets that are made from a safe and sterile material, so that you can transport or store any type of liquid or gas to help with your medical procedures in the future. 



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