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O Ring Face Seals

O Ring Face SealsWhile you may be familiar with O-rings, these come in various types, which offer benefits to a range of manufacturing applications. Sometimes called a toric joint, O-rings work to seal the area between two different joined parts. This means that even when working at high pressure, the parts won’t be able to leak any type of fluid. Today we’re going to discover what O-ring face seals are and how they can benefit your operations in the future. Here at SSP, we are one of the top O-ring suppliers in the UK, here to support you with your sealing needs during the upcoming months.

What is an O-Ring Face Seal?

An O-ring face seal is a type of mechanical gasket which has a round-shaped piece of material made from elastomer. The difference between these types of O-rings and other options on the market is that they seal the surface differently, focusing on sealing the plane that is perpendicular to the axis. The good news for companies is that when you are purchasing O-ring face seals, they must meet ISO standards. This ensures that they will sit correctly on your machinery at all times, reducing the chance of issues and leaks in the long run.

If you are wondering how orfs work and how to ensure orfs are fitting properly, then keep reading. O-ring face seals work similarly to other O-rings. They are designed to seal both fluid and air out, which helps to join the parts together. Both pipes and passages of machines often use an O-ring face seal fitting, as they usually contain some type of fluid for the processes they are completing. This could be in the form of an oil or coolant, which may expand when the fluid heats up. When the heat level is increased, they can expand, which increases the pressure on the pipes or passages that they will flow through, and offers a greater chance of leaks or issues.

When the pressure is increased, this also raises the chance of the fluid leaking as it flows through. The pipe connections may leak, which is something that can disrupt the manufacturing process in any industry. That’s why O-ring face seals are so important, as they will help to protect you from leaks in the future. By choosing the right type of O-rings for your unique needs, you can be sure you’ll reduce the chance of delays during your work. The fluid will flow through safely, offering you the best level of protection possible.

Common Applications of O-Ring Face Seals

While we’ve mentioned a few of the common uses of O-ring face seals, you’ll find that these are used in more industries than you can imagine. In fact, you’ll see that they are often used within off-road vehicles, which may include tractors, heavy equipment, and combines. This is due to the high vibration of these types of vehicles, which can increase the chance of leaks. The correct O-rings for this type of work will help to keep the vehicle safe for years to come, increasing its lifespan and efficiency.

You’ll also find that they are used in turbine hydraulic controls, chemical plants, general industrial equipment, and so many more applications. You’ll be surprised by how many companies use O-ring face seals, such as on generators and hydroelectric plants. Water treatment equipment and wind power turbines can also benefit from them, helping to keep any type of operation running smoothly year after year.

The most important thing when investing in O-ring face seals for the first time is to choose a material and size that’s right for your operations. This isn’t something that is a one-size-fits-all job, as everyone needs a different level of support based on the unique jobs they are carrying out. Our team can support you in finding the right O-rings for your work and will be happy to answer any questions you have about this topic. We offer a wide range of products, all of which will help companies to reduce the chance of leaks and enjoy a greater level of protection. No matter how big or small your operations are currently, we can help you to take your business to the next level this year by increasing the efficiency of your operations.

As you can see, O-ring face seals are critical for the successful operations of many types of industry. Our team will be here to support you at any time in finding the best type of O-rings for your business, as we know everyone’s operations are different. For more information about our range of O-ring face seals, contact our team today. We’ll be happy to support you with this purchase and ensure you are increasing your efficiency and protection in the next few months with our assistance.



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