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The Best Chemical Resistant Gaskets for Sulfuric Acid

The Best Chemical Resistant Gaskets for Sulfuric Acid

If you are using sulfuric acid on a regular basis within your industry, you might be aware of how corrosive it can be. While it can be useful for dyes, explosives, fertilisers, and many more applications, finding a chemical resistant gasket can often be one of the biggest challenges when using this chemical. It’s critical to find a good solution to ensure you are able to continue working safely when this type of chemical is used on a regular basis. At, we know how important it is to find the right product to offer a safe experience for everyone in your workplace, so keep reading as we share the best chemical resistant gasket options on offer. 

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How to Pick the Right Chemical Resistant Gasket For Sulfuric Acid 

Picking the right resistant gasket is something you need to take very seriously when you are using sulfuric acid. There are two materials that we generally recommend for this option, and they can be used within a wide range of applications.  

Firstly, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a family of materials that you might be familiar with if you have used Teflon before. It is resistant to almost any chemical you might use on a regular basis, which is why it’s relied on in so many industries to this day. As well as being a great option to use in the kitchen, you’ll find that it can coat metal to protect from radioactive material or could be used within food, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing. Generally, this is the first choice material when it comes to using sulfuric acid, but you’ll also need to think about the pressure, temperature, and percentage you are using to find the right solution for your needs. 

The other good option for gaskets in the UK is fluorocarbon elastomers. You might also know these as FKM, FPM, or Viton, and it’s a very versatile solution that can also be used in almost any industry. The great news about this solution is that it’s heat resistant to 200C and is resistant to the majority of chemicals you might use, with the exception of ketones. This solution is regularly used with chlorinated hydrocarbons, acids, or fuels, and therefore is good for sulfuric acid applications that go up to 90%. However, if you do increase this to 95%, keep in mind that it won’t be a suitable option for your needs. You’ll want to think very carefully about how you use sulfuric acid to ensure you are finding a safe and reliable option for your needs. 

Choosing the Best Chemical Resistant Gaskets for Your Business 

Sulfuric acid is most commonly purchase at concentrations of 78, 93, or 98%, so you’ll need to decide which mechanical seals are the best option for the percentage you are purchasing. You’ll need to ensure the design and the fit of the gasket is right for your needs, or it will fail completely, meaning that all of your hard work in selecting a good option was wasted. While the material is very important to consider, also look at the design alongside it to ensure you have the perfect option for your work. You don’t want it to erode the gasket or pose any form of risk to your other equipment or your staff members. 

As gasket manufacturers, we know how important they can be for your production processes and keeping your workplace safe every day. Business owners always need to put the safety of their staff first at all times to ensure that they are creating a safe environment for them to work in. With a wide range of styles to choose from and by discussing your options with our team, you’ll have no trouble finding a safe and reliable solution you can use for many years to come. There’s no one size fits all answer when it comes to this decision, so make sure you discuss the best option for your processes and industry. 

Get in touch today with one of our team of experts to ensure that you find the best gasket for the applications you need it for. When working with sulfuric acid, we know how dangerous this can be, which is why a good chemical resistant gasket will protect your workplace and your team members for many years to come. By taking the time to consider the material of your gaskets and the style and design, you’ll find an option that will serve you well for the upcoming months and years. Contact our team today for more information and advice on this topic and to discuss the solutions we have on offer currently. We’ll be happy to share our expert knowledge with you and provide you with a solution that you’ll be able to rely on when using sulfuric acid in the future. 

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