Oil Seal Types

We can't emphasise enough how important it is to choose the right oil seal to keep your application functioning, and functioning well. Not every oil seal is the same. Manufactured using various material elastomers and to suit a range of dimensions, seals are as unique...

Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals are the more formal name for this type of seal; however, we also know them as oil, grease, fluid, or dirt seals. Whatever you call them however, they all perform the same function – to close the space between stationary and moving parts in machinery...

Silicone O Rings

As a leading O ring UK manufacturer and supplier of high quality seals and gaskets, offering a wide range of types, sizes, and sealing solutions that suit various applications across all industries, we work hard to ensure you get the best sealing solution for your...

Viton O Rings

Viton o rings bring with them numerous advantages, especially for applications within high-tech and critical industries. Providing great resistance to wide fluctuations in temperature and chemical ranges as well as being wholly suitable for pressure applications,...

How are O Rings made?

O rings are one of the most common components within manufacturing. Suitable for a range of applications and found in numerous everyday appliances, o rings are a vital piece of equipment to provide the perfect sealing solution. Ring-shaped seals, o rings are made up...

Pipe Gasket

A pipe gasket is designed to seal a space between two sections of a pipe. Many pipes have flanged surfaces where they join, which means it isn’t smooth or flat to make this connection secure. In order to overcome this flared area, a flange gasket will be used to...

Spiral Wound Graphite Fill Gasket

With so many different gasket options on offer today, we know it can be difficult deciding which ones have the right features for your needs. Each type of gasket is suitable for a variety of applications or uses, and the material that your gasket is made from will...

Gasket Cutting

Using the latest technology and equipment, gasket cutting today offers incredible precision. Achieving customised gaskets that meet your sealing requirements, today we’re now seeing various gasket cutting techniques used as we move away from the standard dimensions...

What are Bonded Seals?

As you start to compare the seals on offer on our site, you’ll find that there are many different options for a variety of uses. Bonded seals are a great solution for some applications, offering many benefits over other types of seals. Specialist Sealing Products...

Rubber Gasket Material

Rubber gaskets are a very valuable solution for a variety of uses, however, you’ll want to make sure you always choose the right option for your unique business operations. There are a variety of rubber gasket materials on offer, which provide you with an effective...

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What is an Insulating Gasket?

What is an insulating gasketInsulating gaskets are an incredibly useful part that can be used for a variety of purposes. When it comes to choosing your spiral wound gaskets, you need to make sure that you select an option that will work for your business and operational needs. To help you out, we’re here today to share with you everything you need to know about insulating gaskets. We’ll support you in selecting the ones that are right for you. Learn more about the products we offer on our spiral wound gasket page.

What is an Insulating Gasket?

An insulating gasket set is designed for electrical insulating flanges. They work as an insulator protecting the parts in your dissimilar metallic flanges. These types of gaskets are designed to prevent flange leakages, which is why you should always seal this off properly. They will help to stop corrosion and metallic breakdown, which is why people choose this type of gasket over the other options on the market today. You’ll find they can help to electronically isolate different sections of pipework, which will prevent electrostatic charge flow and potential galvanic cell system formation.

When Would You Use an Insulating Flange Gasket Kit?

There are many reasons you would opt to use an insulating flange gasket kit over another type of gasket. They can be used anywhere where you need to prevent galvanic corrosion while also needing electrical insulation. Common places we see people utilise these types of gaskets include marine pipeline systems, chemical installations, offshore installations, and oil refinery pipes.

What Parts Are Included in a Flange Insulation Gasket Kit?

Within a single flange insulation kit, you’ll receive various parts that are all needed to make this an effective investment. Each kit includes one insulation sleeve for each bolt, one central or oval section gasket, two plated steel washers, and two insulating steel washers. Each component will be made with a high-quality material that has excellent chemical stability and won’t absorb a lot of water. A good kit will have each part labelled, so you know exactly what to do with it. It should also indicate its flange size, type, rating, and material so that you are aware of the properties of the gasket kit.

How to Install Your Insulating Gasket

Once you’ve decided that this is the right type of manufactured gasket for your needs, you’ll need to make sure you install it properly for good results. The most essential components for the installation are the insulating sleeve and the mounting stud. You’ll find that each kit uses a washer and nut on each end, which you’ll then use to put together the pieces and ensure they are securely fastened. You’ll find that this kit is extremely strong once it’s tightened correctly, but always follow the instructions that are included in the package you receive for the best results.

How to Choose the Right Gasket for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing a spiral wound gasket or any type of gasket, you’ll find there are many different options on the market today. We are here to support you in finding the right option for your business operations, which may vary at different times. As you can see, an insulating gasket is a great option for certain needs, but it’s not necessary for some operations. You’ll find that these can be slightly more costly than other gaskets, so you may be able to save money by choosing one that’s a little more basic if you can get away with it.

Choosing a gasket requires you to know the type of material that will be most effective based on the seal you need to create. The chemicals that you are using will have an impact on the seal and how well it needs to close. Make sure you think carefully about the type of material you opt for, as this will have a huge impact on the seal and may render your work ineffective if it doesn’t work properly. The more you can invest in high-quality insulating gaskets, the better equipped you’ll be to get the most out of this purchase.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right gasket for your business needs. Insulating gaskets offer a very reliable option for many business operations, and we’ll be here to support you in finding the right kit for your unique needs. Our team is on hand at any time to help you find the parts that will take your business operations to the next level this year, or you can browse through our range of products for more information. Contact us today to learn more about the options we have on offer or to discuss any questions you have about insulating gaskets and how they can benefit you in the future.



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